Commercial or Proforma invoice

When you have a dutiable shipment, in addition to a fully completed consignment note, you must always include a commercial or proforma invoice with the shipment. In order to have your shipment go through customs as quickly as possible, it is important that the commercial invoice or proforma invoice is complete and correctly drawn up. This is because based on the invoice data the import or export declaration is drawn up and also the customs authorities need this information to be able to determine possible taxes and import duties. In short, a correctly completed invoice helps you avoid delays.

How do I prepare a commercial or proforma invoice?

To help you draw up a commercial or proforma invoice easily, we have prepared two templates for you. These templates are intended solely as guidelines for you as a customer. Completion of the commercial or proforma invoice is the responsibility of the party signing the invoice.

Commercial invoice

If you have a dutiable consignment that is intended for commercial purposes, you will need a commercial invoice.

Proforma invoice

If you have a dutiable consignment that is not intended for commercial purposes, for example samples, a personal gift or spare parts for repair, then in most cases a pro forma invoice will suffice.