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At TCC, we understand that the quality of the relationship with your customer can depend on the delivery of a shipment. That is why we always take your shipment personally and will always take good care of it.

Same day

Your domestic shipment will be picked up and delivered the same day

Dedicated vehicle

Full control of your shipments in The Netherlands and Europe by means of a specially deployed vehicle. Your shipment is picked-up and delivered at the time you want.

On Board Courier

One of our experienced couriers will personally fly with your most critical documents or parcels and deliver them to your customer anywhere in the world and in person.

Next Flight Out

Your international urgent shipments will be delivered door-to-door in no time by combining our courier services with the first available flight.

Special Express

By combining our own European Express network with our courier services and those of our partners, we can meet all your logistical requirements - even outside office hours.


For all your documents and parcels that need to be delivered quickly and inexpensively anywhere in the world.

Economy Express

For the inexpensive transport of your documents, parcels or freight by road or air.


A cost-effective solution for your large, heavy and exceptional shipments.

Customs solutions

TCC supports you in all procedures and activities related to the import, export and transit of goods.


Have your shipment insured for the value of your shipment.


We can also store your goods with you, have them packed, repacked, labelled and order picked.

And more...

We always have a solution.

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