Special Express

By combining our own European network with our courier services and those of our partners, we can meet all your logistical requirements - even outside office hours. Your shipment will be picked up from your place of business in person by a vehicle specially deployed for you and sorted by route in our HUB. Next, your shipment is sent via our network to its destination, where it is delivered to your customer personally and again by a vehicle specially deployed for you.

  • Tailor-made solutions, such as collection and/or delivery with a tailboard or pallet truck, advance notification of driver details, collection and/or delivery at a pre-arranged date and time or taking the packaing material with you, are possible 
  • Pick-up and delivery also possible outside office hours and on weekends
  • Available for all your domestic and European shipments
  • Your shipment will be personally managed from pick-up until delivery by a specialized special service employee
  • Your shipment will be shipped via the most reliable and fastest possible route
  • For documents, parcels and freight
  • Also ideal for long and non-stackable shipments

Does your shipment contain dangerous goods and/or substances? Please always contact us in advance.