Dimensions, Weight & Volume

Volume weight

For many of our services, the shipping rate is partly determined by the amount of space your shipment occupies. We call this the volume weight of your shipment. The volume weight is calculated by dividing the dimensions of your shipment a volume factor. The factor depends on the service, and network we use to send your shipment. The applicable volume factor is indicated in our booking system or can be found in your personal rate guide. Once the volume weight is calculated, it is compared to the actual weight to determine which is the greater. The greater weight is used to calculate your shipping rate.

Services were the volume weight affects the shipping rate:

  • Next Flight Out
  • Special Express
  • Express
  • Economy Express
  • Cargo

How do you calculate the volumetric weight?

The calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment, we use the following formula: Lenght (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / Volume factor = the volumetric weight. The applicable volume factor is indicated in our online booking system or can be found in your personal rate guide.

See below for an example calculation of volume weight with a volume factor of 5000:

Lenght: 50 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 30 cm
Factor: 5000
50*40*30/5000= 12kg

You multiply the lenght by the height and the width and divide the total by the volume factor (in this case 5000) to determine the volumetric weight.

Maximum dimensions and weights

There are different maximum dimensions and weights, which apply for each service and/or destination. This applies to both pallets, packages and complete shipments. For example, there is a maximum loading weight per vehicle and there are maximum dimensions and weights for different types of networks. When a shipment is larger or heavier, this can often be solved by means of a lenght or weight surcharge. This surcharge is to cover the cost of extra manual work. It may also be the case that a special vehicle needs to be used for a large or heavy shipment. In most cases, the maximum dimensions, weight and any surcharges are automatically indicated by our system when you book your shipment. If you want to know in advance whether your shipment is too large or too heavy, you can always inform with TCC customer service.