Shipping guide

All the information you need to send your shipment.

International shipping

When shipping internationally, you have to deal with regulations and the question of under what conditions you send your shipment. For example, it is important to consider whether your shipment is subject to customs clearance and whether youi or the recipient is responsible for the costs and risks.

Dimensions, Weight and Volume

For each service and/or destination, there are different maximum dimensions and weight per package, pallets and/or consignments. and for many of our services, the amount of the shipping rate is also determined by the amount of space your consignment occupies.

Getting your shipment ready for dispatch

By preparing your shipment properly for transport, you can ensure that your shipment arrives safely, quickly and undamaged at its destination. This means using the right packaging materials and labels.

Dangerous goods and/or substances

In accordance with the international transport regulations (IATA, ADR, etc.), we also offer, for an additional charge transport and handling services for special and/or dangerous goods and/or substances.