Packing & Labelling

Preparing your shipment for transport ensures that it arrives at its destination safely, quickly and undamaged. This means making sure you use the right packaging material and labels and that it is of good quality. Incorrect and/or poor packaging puts your goods, our staff and other shipments at risk. Proper packaging and labelling is always the responsibility of the sender. Our staff also has the right to reject the packaging if they consider it insufficient.


Whether you are sending important documents, the contract of sale for your new house or files. TCC always has the right packaging. Our shipping advice for documents depends on the weight, format and quantity of the documents you are sending.

Boxes and Packages

Make sure that the boxes you are going to use for shipping are sturdy and in top condition. Go for quality!


Make sure that the pallets you are going to use are sturdy and in top condition. Go for quality!

Shipping label / Waybill

In order to send your shipment from A to B without any problems, it is important that you always provide your shipment with a shipping label or a consignment note.

Handling labels

Handling labels show anyone who gets their hands on your parcel how it should be handled.