Our company

By offering logistical and service-oriented customised solutions, TCC strives to be a leader within its market segment. We believe that by constantly thinking along with our clients and testing where their needs lie, the quality of service improves continuously. Creating an honest and long-term relationship with organisations that feel at home with us is our spearhead. In this way, TCC develops into a high-quality, extremely reliable and very service-oriented partner for large, medium-sized and small companies in the logistics field.

Logistics services are people work and success is achieved with motivated and expert staff. Creating a professional working environment and paying attention to the personal development of our employees are self-evident. Thanks to our ambitious attitude, high-quality equipment and the most modern ICT and communication tools, TCC stands out from its competitors.

We focus on our position as an all-round logistics service provider with an attractive location just a stone's throw away from the lifeline of the Netherlands, namely Schiphol Airport. From our head office we can literally see the planes take off. We serve the Dutch market from this central location. In addition, we are well represented in all other European countries by our strategic partners and local networks.

Our mission

Delivering Excellent Service

Our core values


We do not react to events, but we take action before they happen. We take the initiative and anticipate opportunities and threats. We are committed and think about how we can help our clients further. We look ahead and act with a view to the future.

Customer and service-oriented

We research the wishes and needs of our clients and act accordingly. At TCC, we like to go the extra mile and we are only satisfied when our clients are satisfied.


This core value stands for expertise and know-how. At TCC, we have the know-how to deliver the best quality. We maintain our knowledge with experienced, specialised and well-trained staff. We carry out our services at a high level of quality.


We are diligent, never stand still and are focused on progress. We are driven to apply all our knowledge and skills and to obtain and share knowledge where necessary. As a result, we continue to develop and improve.


We understand the added value of a well-groomed appearance. That is why we continue to invest in our fleet, company clothing and other accessories so that we are always presentable and leave the best impression.


We place high demands on the quality of our own work. Performing tasks carefully, reliably and attentively in order to avoid errors, with a constant eye on improvement and innovation, is a matter of course for us.