General Terms and Conditions

1. Take Care Couriers also includes all its affiliated agencies around the world.

2. Take Care Couriers only transports goods that are the property of the Freight Forwarder and the Freight Forwarder warrants that he is authorised to accept the present conditions and that he accepts them not only on his own behalf but also as an agent for or on behalf of all other persons who are interested in the goods or might become interested in them. The Freight Forwarder hereby agrees to indemnify Take Care Courierste against any damages, costs and expenses arising from a breach of this guarantee.

3. Take Care Couriers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, misdelivery or non-delivery not caused by its own negligence; or for any loss, damage, misdelivery or non-delivery caused by:

A. An act, error or omission of the shipper, consignee or other party claiming any interest in the shipment.

B. The nature of the consignment or any defect peculiar to or inherent in it.

C. Natural disasters, air disasters, enemies of the state, public authorities acting with actual or apparent legal authority or omissions of customs or quarantine officials, riot, strike, civil commotion, war, weather conditions or delay of any aircraft or other vehicles used in providing the transportation services.

D. Act or omission of a carrier or other entity or person to whom a shipment has been subcontracted by TakeCare Couriers for carriage beyond that provided by TakeCare Couriers, whether or not the Shipper has requested or was aware of such third party delivery arrangements.

E. Special or consequential damages or other indirect loss hat also arise, regardless of whether Take Care Couriers knew or should have known that such damage might occur, such as loss of income, loss of interest or loss of market.

4. While Take Care Couriers does what it can to provide prompt delivery in accordance with regular delivery times, Take Care Couriers shall under no circumstances be liable for any delay in the collection, transportation or delivery of shipments, regardless of the cause of the delay.

5. Due to the nature of the service, the liability of Take Care Couriers for courier shipments is limited to the lesser of the actual amount of the loss and USD 100. If a limitation of liability is required that exceeds USD 100, Take Care Couriers requires the Freight Forwarder to give prior notice, so that Take Care Couriers can make alternative arrangements as arranged in Article 7 below. Where applicable, however, the rules regarding liability as laid down by the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw, Poland, on 12 October 1929, and any amendments thereto, shall apply to the international carriage of shipments carried out on the basis of this Contract, insofar as they are governed thereby and, where applicable, by the related rules of the Convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR, Geneva, May 1956 and Protocol of 5 June 1978, Geneva) apply to the international carriage of consignments carried under this contract insofar as they are covered thereby.

6. At the request of the Carrier and upon payment of additional charges therefor, Take Care Couriers shall arrange insurance on behalf of the Freight Forwarder. The insurance cover will be in accordance with all the conditions included in the insurance policy issued by the insurer and Take Care Couriers will in no way be responsible for said cover or insurance carrier. Consequential damage and loss or damage due to delay in transportation are not covered by any such insurance policy.

7. Take Care Couriers is authorised (but has no obligation) to advance any duties, taxes or charges and to make any expenses in respect of the goods and the forwarder, the owner and the consignee are not obliged to make any expenses or advance payments in connection with the shipment, including forwarding or re-forwarding of the goods, except against payment by the forwarder. If it is necessary for the goods to be cleared somewhere, the customs consignee or, if no such person has been appointed, the forwarding agent who transports the goods to such place or customs consignee, as the case may be, may specify such carrier. The Freight Forwarder shall guarantee payment of all charges and prepayments.

8. Take Care Couriers has a lien on the goods for all freight charges, customs duties, prepayments or expenses of any kind arising from this contract of carriage and may refuse to transfer ownership of the goods before such charges are paid.

9. Damage or shortage must be reported in writing to Take Care Couriers or its agent within fourteen (14) days from the date the shipment is made available to the person entitled to deliver the shipment or in the case of non-delivery fourteen (14) days from the date the note of lading is issued. All claims must be received by Take Care Couriers within forty-five (45) days from the date of issue of the note of lading. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a claim for damage, shortage or non-delivery will only be honoured if all costs have been paid.

10. Take Care Couriers will not accept dangerous, flammable or explosive materials, precious metals or stones in any form, negotiable securities, negotiable documents, currency, unstamped stamps, cashier's checks, live animals or plants or perishable goods and if a Carrier wishes to subcontract such goods to Take Care Couriers the Freight Forwarder shall indemnify Take Care Couriers against all claims, damages and costs arising in connection therewith and Take Care Couriers shall be entitled to treat such goods as it deems proper, including the right not to transport such cargo once Take Care Couriers knows that such goods are being outsourced.

11. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this contract, the goods will only be delivered to the addressee indicated on the outside. Notification of arrival of the goods will, if required, if there are no other instructions, be done via the usual method. Take Care Couriers is not liable for any failure or delay in receiving such notice.

12. Take Care Couriers does not assume the obligation to ship the goods via a specified carrier or specific route(s) or to connect at any point according to any schedule and Take Care Couriers is hereby authorised to choose or deviate from the shipping routes, notwithstanding that these may be indicated on the packaging.

13. The Freight Forwarder warrants that the shipment is packaged to protect the goods contained therein and to ensure safe transportation with customary care in handling and that each package is properly labeled and ready for transportation. All shipments may, at Take Care Couriers' discretion, be opened and inspected.

14. The Freight Forwarder shall comply with all applicable laws and other government regulations of any country to, from and through which the goods are transported, including those relating to the packaging, transportation or delivery of the goods and shall provide such documentation as is necessary to comply with such laws and regulations. Take Care Couriers shall not be liable to the shipper or any other person for any loss or expense arising from the shipper's failure to comply with this provision.

15. The shipper agrees that Take Care Couriers can accept the waybill as a letter of instruction from the shipper, authorising Take Care Couriers to act as agent for the shipper for export control and customs purposes. Take Care Couriers accepts no liability of any kind for the failure of the agent of the shipper to act as regulated in this article.

16. The present contractual terms and conditions and any interpretation thereof or any dispute arising therefrom shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws and courts of the Netherlands respectively.

17. Take Care Couriers is not a general carrier and only transports goods in accordance with the present conditions.